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Boog is many things. A Boogaloo, to this writer, had always been a partw, a git down which simply means getting out of a car. Reckon it also depends on the context. In today’s erosive atmosphere, #Journalismisdead has assigned it to racism or it implies a term for the coming conflict betwixt the ideologically opposed. Also a father’s nickname, Vietnam killed off the Boog, but he loathed my being, left me nothing in death, save a name, and now The Boog, now lifted for the pseudonym, The Boog; fits nicely for something wrong, dark or gritty–a place, theme or feeling that’s off or just simply fucked up. It’s this writer’s place to shirk propriety, kick boundaries in the nuts, dispense with the fuck giving and freely write whatever twisted shit falls onto the keys as the mind wanders a free path.


The greatest prognosticator

The common Hollywood creature is a vain, sadistic thing, vile, and filled with hate for us middle-Americans. Coddled by big tech, we are subject to their prattle, forced by mass media to subsume their piffle. Freely roaming Twitter, they’ll board Pedo train (hell, they’re the conductors) with first class tickets and cram the lifestyle down our throats. Rumors are, they eat baby-flesh, even feed upon themselves once dead. There’s more to the rumors than the tip of the iceberg…just the tip. Let’s explore and make a hobby out of it.


” The Boog is an outlet for letting the creative juices flow wherever, and over whomever the whimsy feels fit to direct the ire. I’ll find the soft-spot, and I’ll craft a story out of it.”


A Bayou Boogaloo

A Celebrity Panjandrum



Worth Turning a Page


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